Saturday, September 17, 2011

Of God and rain

In a CNN article on the rain in Texas:

Hall [a Texas rancher] turns to religion for his source of explanation.
Perhaps God is punishing people with the bad weather, he said, and if more people turned to the church, the rain would come back to stay for a while.

Even the rancher who supposedly explains the rainfall via "chance" invokes God:

"Oh hell, I just write down what happened -- I don't make predictions," he said. "The good Lord is the one that does the predicting and he sends (rain) when he wants to."

The article concludes, Maybe he'll send it again soon.

It's amazing what people will believe. So God withheld rain because people aren't going to church? So presumably he sent it (on a Friday night) because in his almighty view, enough people had finally gotten the message and gone to church. In that case, why on earth didn't he send it on Sunday afternoon or Monday, right after all those good, God-fearing people went to church?  Does he just like seeing cattle die, or what?

God sure comes across as a big meanie sometimes.

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