Wednesday, August 21, 2013

God's moral law

Here's an opinion piece on Fox News by Todd Starnes complaining that we're raising a nation of "savages" (no doubt meant in an entirely nonracist way *rolls eyes*) who kill people and kittens for fun. The reason? Starnes consulted with "noted author" and pastor Robert Jeffress, who explains the root cause of the violence plaguing our society:

"Parents have absolutely failed in their most basic, fundamental responsibility as parents...And that is to instill God’s moral law in the hearts of their children....As long as you continue to tell teenagers they are nothing but a biological accident, we shouldn’t expect them to act in accordance with a Creator-God who has basic laws concerning life and death...Our culture continues to deny or marginalize the existence of God...We shouldn’t be surprised that teenagers would ignore the most basic laws of God – like thou shall not kill."

I am taking these words to heart and will immediately make sure my children are acquainted with the Word of God. I think I'll start with the story of Abraham being told to murder his own child by God Himself, then move on to the story of Exodus, in which the Hebrews were told to lay waste to all the inhabitants of the civilizations they encountered (except for the girl virgins they kept as sex slaves), then discuss the forty-two children who teased Elisha and were ripped to shreds by bears (again sent by God Himself). That's only a start, but surely that will be sufficient to help show my kids that violence isn't the way, and prevent them from falling into "savagery."

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