Monday, September 16, 2013

Miss America, not American enough

Nina Davuluri, the first Indian-American to be Miss America, was crowned last night, and some people immediately took to Twitter to show their cluelessness and racism. There were tweets saying things like, "If you're #Miss America you should have to be American" (she's a native of Syracuse, NY) and, "Well they just picked a Muslim for Miss America. That must've made Obama happy" (neither Davuluri nor Obama is a Muslim-- but why would it be a problem if Miss America were a Muslim?). It was even implied she was somehow related to terrorists: "Miss America right now or miss Al Qaeda?" CNN's headline accurately calls this "racial slurs," while Fox News' headline calls it "controversy." Is a bunch of stupid people tweeting obnoxious things really a "controversy"?

In any event, how disappointing that a brown-skinned person can't accomplish something in this country without it being suggested she's a terrorist or was by definition born elsewhere. Conservatives don't make themselves look any better by spouting this sort of nasty racist crap.

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