Monday, September 16, 2013

Polygamy again

Here's an article on another polygamous family in Utah, who all withdrew from Mormonism. They will be featured on a new reality show on TLC tonight. None of the five wives seem to have been child brides (though it's hard to tell because only the husband's age is given), and three of them work outside the home. Altogether they have twenty-four children spanning from ages two to twenty.

I have nothing against polygamy, but I'd like to see polygamy advocates encouraging true polygamy-- multiple men and women together, rather than always a polygynous arrangement-- and a little less emphasis put on reproduction. That's almost five kids per wife, yikes (and yes, I have four kids and I'm aware I'm being hypocritical here:-). Surely it's possible for men and women to live together in more varied combinations and not have so much emphasis on having lots and lots of kids. It is nice to see an emphasis on "consenting adults" and wives who are working as something other than stay-at-home moms, though.

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