Sunday, October 7, 2012

Embryology? What the heck does he mean, embryology?

Someone on Friendly Atheist pointed out that Broun mentioned "embryology" in his list of Evol Bad Lies Straight From Satan. The commenter wondered what on earth he meant, and asked sardonically if Broun believed in Stork Theory. Someone else posited that perhaps he meant "embryonic stem cells." I answered over there, but will add some thoughts here as well.

I think he did indeed mean "embryology." This seems to make little sense until you realize that embryology appears to quite clearly support evolution. From Wikipedia: "Embryos in many species often appear similar to one another in early developmental stages. The reason for this similarity is because species have a shared evolutionary history. These similarities among species are called homologous structures, which are structures that have the same or similar function and mechanism, having evolved from a common ancestor." You can see how that would be awkward for creationists. Or would it?

Of course it wouldn't, because clever people like Broun realize that mainstream science is always distorting the truth to serve evil secular purposes (or just because scientists are all spouting lies for Satan). Here's CreationWiki, explaining how embryology when viewed correctly actually supports creation "science":

"While the Darwinists see these similarities as evidence of common descent, the creationist belief system causes us to generally conclude that shared structures, processes, or genes are merely reflections that they were designed by the same creator. Rather than being evidence of shared ancestry, homologies are examples of brilliant and well functioning designs that have been applied to multiple organisms, much in the same way as human designers apply concepts."

There you go. Problem solved. Now if only Broun (as a member of the House science committee) can get this clearly superior scientific information into the public schools, Satan's lies can be corrected, and the nation's healing can begin.

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