Sunday, October 7, 2012


There's an intriguing post on secularism here on the CNN Belief Blog. A quote:

"In recent years some have made secularism into a synonym for godlessness, possibly because a few extreme atheist groups have taken to calling themselves 'secular.' Yet the idea that believers cannot be secular is incorrect and politically disastrous...

"Secularism’s mission is to maximize freedom of and freedom from religion. But unless we start speaking of it in precise terms, and bringing secular believers and nonbelievers into coalition, it won’t be able to render this service to America."

The fact that the author refers to "extreme atheist groups," and his book description refers to "atheist polemicists," makes me wary. Nevertheless, I'm interested enough to buy his book How to be Secular and take a look at it. I'll read it and report my thoughts on it when I finish.

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