Monday, March 4, 2013

Sodom without sodomy

I didn't watch it, so I'm basing this on hearsay, but I'm seeing some people around the 'net complaining that the History Channel's The Bible glossed over certain aspects of the Lot story. Well, of course it did. Naturally they cut out the homosexuality=deadly sin aspect of the tale, since most sane people nowadays are a wee bit uncomfortable with the idea that God might wipe out entire cities due to homosexuality. It doesn't make God look too good to the modern audience. And apparently Lot didn't offer his virgin daughters to the mob in the angels' stead, either, which is equally understandable-- it's hard to understand why God saved him as a "righteous man," all things considered. The whole story makes both God and Lot look a bit like psychopaths, frankly. Not that this is the only story in the Bible that makes God look psychopathic. But I digress...

Anyway, as always, the Bible is much more palatable when cherry-picked. A presentation of the Bible as actually written would be far more likely to create atheists than Christians.

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