Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The shocking "in your face" Kindle ad

Here's an article about Amazon's nice little Paperwhite ad, which has a charming twist at the end regarding gay marriage. This is the ad:

Here are some of the comments on the article:

 -Just letting it be isn't enough. Gotta have it shoved at us. Why is that? 

-This is where tolerance meets in-your-face.

-If they think this 'indoctrination' is going to make life easier for them, they're *exactly* wrong! 

-Get your #$%$ back in the closet and stop blatantly trying to shove your lifestyle down my throat. 

 -I don't care if people are gay or not. I'm just sick of the gay leftist agenda being shoved at me.

-Tired of this being shoved down my throat. 

 -We don't need marketers ramming the gay theme down out throats like the government and media are doing. 

It's amazing to me how people like this can be so insecure that a cute and subtle little commercial upsets them so badly. This commercial is far from "in-your-face"; it presents gay marriage as perfectly normal. And that's the real problem here; gay marriage and gay rights are becoming widely accepted, and that terrifies these people. They see any mention of gayness as a blatant, full-throttle assault on American ideals (which are wrongly presumed by these folks to be identical to fundamentalist Christian ideals). There's no way of making them happy other than to shove all gays back into the closet, take back any rights they may have gained, and never, ever mention they exist again.

We've come a long way, but we still have quite a distance to go.

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