Friday, June 7, 2013

I don't call that a "tussle"

On Fox News, I saw the following headline: RELIGIOUS TUSSLE: Atheist Display to Rival 10 Commandments at Court. I was immediately concerned that the agreement to display an atheist monument alongside the Ten Commandments monument in Bradford County, FL must have hit a snag.

But no, when I clicked on the link, it was just a rundown on the atheist monument that will be erected there, with this rather nice conclusion:

"The Community Men's Fellowship, the group that erected the Ten Commandments display, made a Facebook post in March that thanked those who supported the monument and stated, 'God worked this out...We want you all to remember that this issue was won on the basis of this being a free speech issue, so don't be alarmed when the American Atheists want to erect their own sign or monument. It's their right. As for us, we will continue to honor the Lord and that's what matters,' the post read."

There was, of course, a bit of a "tussle" in the past, but a reasonable solution has been reached (though I join a lot of atheists in preferring no monuments of a religious nature on public land rather than a clutter of varied religious/secular monuments), and the Community Men's Fellowship are being good sports about it. Good for them.

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