Sunday, June 30, 2013

In the beginning, God created the heavens and Mars

This article discusses the idea that astronomy has slowly undercut humanity's belief that we are central to the cosmos, and discusses the possibility that life (in this solar system, at least) might have actually originated on Mars. How could that happen? The article explains:

Now evidence indicates that billions of years ago, Mars had water and atmospheric conditions that could, theoretically, have supported life. Meteor strikes have meanwhile caused serial ejections of material from Earth to Mars and from Mars to Earth, meaning it's possible (possible) that microbial life actually originated on Mars, which subsequently became inhospitable to it, and landed from there on Earth.

This is highly speculative, of course, but still, it's an interesting idea. Not only are we humans more or less afterthoughts in the grand scheme of things on Earth, rather than the central and primary creations that the writers of the Bible assumed, but the origin of life may have actually been elsewhere. It's hard to see how the Bible could be used to explain that, isn't it?

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