Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Southern Baptists and Scouting

The Southern Baptist convention meets this week, and is widely expected to present a resolution against supporting the Boy Scouts. Many Scout troops, of course, have been sponsored by Southern Baptist churches, so this will be a blow to the Scouts. One church in Georgia has already decided to stop sponsoring a troop it has sponsored for thirteen years, and its pastor explains that "that the problem with the new policy is not that it would allow gay Scouts, but that it would not allow Scout masters to counsel those Scouts to 'live a life of sexual purity according to Scripture.'" The new policy "'condones homosexuality as being consistent with the Scout oath of duty to God and moral uprightness.'"

Yeah, I can see the problem. No doubt these kids would be far better off being told they're immoral pondscum for being gay, and would benefit by having authority figures try to push them into a life of lonely abstinence. Sadly, they're being deprived of this wonderful and uplifting message, and are being told they're just fine the way they are instead. What a terrible thing to do to children *rolls eyes*.

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