Monday, December 10, 2012

Atheists are communists, and other howlers

This opinion piece on Fox News about the Charlie Brown Christmas play and the Santa Monica nativity scene gets it all wrong, quite spectacularly. It states that atheists are seeking to "destroy the spirit of Christmas" (trying to stop governmental bodies from promoting a particular religion is not the same as trying to eradicate Christian displays on private property). It claims Charles Schulz was "no stranger to standing firm on faith" (yes, he did insist on that long Biblical quote remaining in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," but the author ignores or is unaware that by the eighties he stated that he'd "come around to secular humanism"). It twice dismisses atheists as a "vocal minority" (polls show that unbelievers are a rapidly growing group, and besides, that's irrelevant anyway-- rights apply to everyone, not just the majority group). It falls back on the hoary old chestnut of stating "Atheism is part of the Communist and Socialist doctrines." It even laughably cites David Barton as an authority. In short, it reads almost like a parody or a Poe, but since it's on Fox, I'm guessing it's intended seriously.

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