Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on the War on Charlie Brown Christmas

The church involved in the Charlie Brown Christmas play uproar (which I previously talked about here) has cancelled its matinee performance (which was apparently aimed solely at schoolchildren). The pastor didn't hesitate to whine about it, though (note that this is Fox News, hence the ridiculously biased and overwrought terms such as "plight," and the headline blaming the cancellation on "atheist outrage"):

"The story brought national attention to the plight of church members — who simply wanted to put on a special holiday presentation for school children. 

"Caldwell (the church's pastor) praised what he called the 'courageous stand' that the school’s principal took in 'not succumbing to the pressure of one complaint voice to the Arkansas Society of Free Thinkers and the media.' 

"He said it was clear 'Merry Christmas Charlie Brown' did not pose a constitutional issue.

Of course, right after that the article adds, apparently without irony:

“'Christmas is a Christian holiday — hence it’s (sic) name – Christmas,' the pastor wrote in his statement. 'Our program addresses its origins with light-hearted songs and theatre. The context of the birth of Christ is broadly described in both Old and New Testament texts.'”

Well, golly, that clarifies it. Of course there's no constitutional issue here. It's a program describing the birth of Christ in overtly Biblical terms, and a performance targeted specifically at public schoolchildren. How on earth could those silly atheists think there's anything unconstitutional here?


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