Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vandalism of religious symbols

A large menorah displayed in Miami Beach (described in the video as a "tradition") has been vandalized with the words "You killed Jesus." It's been torn down three times in its history, and was first vandalized eleven years ago to the day. The article indicates it's in a "public space," but it's not clear to me whether they mean public in the general sense (as in where people can see it), or on government-owned land. Judging from the video, I suspect it's actually on private land, but it's hard to tell. (This article says that the Miami Beach Chabad house is "responsible for the display," but that still doesn't clarify the question.) It's also not clear to me whether there are other religious symbols there (outside of a dreidel, mentioned in this article). If it's on private land, there is no reason any other religion should be represented. If it's on government land and there are no other religious symbols on display, it shouldn't be there, but that certainly doesn't justify the nasty vandalism and the ugly message.

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