Monday, December 3, 2012

What war on men?

Here's an excellent response to Suzanne Venker's "addled rant" against feminism I posted about the other day, stating that most men "aren't nearly as unhappy or resentful as Venker suggests." My favorite paragraph:

"Truth is, in her efforts to exalt men, she actually insults us. Who says we can't be happy with fully equal female colleagues and coworkers? Who says we can't enjoy the joys of shared parenthood? Who says that we are biologically programmed to be both rapacious testosterone-driven animals and lazy remote-hogging couch potatoes unable to lift a finger in the kitchen?"

Good questions. Why would anyone in this day and age believe that most men are looking for June Cleaver clones? And even assuming there are men out there who want such wives, what self-respecting woman would want them?

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