Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toning down the religious message

From this article: "Viewed by many voters as anti-science and too conservative on social issues such as gay marriage, the Republican Party is in danger of losing young and less religious voters for years to come." The article discusses how even young evangelicals are changing (less worried about the supposed "war on religion," more worried about climate change) and suggests that the Republicans will become increasingly irrelevant if they don't moderate their tone and message.

Gary Marx, executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said, "We plan to reach out with a softer, pro-family agenda—less emphasis on the sexual points, more talk about family." (As if they don't talk about family enough-- whenever you see an organization with the word "family" in it, you can be almost certain it's a group with a strong evangelical flavor.) Alas, he added, "It is true that gay rights activists have stolen that language of 'family' we've used successfully, and now use it for their purposes."

Stolen? Really? Who knew that term could only be used by conservatives? I would say it hasn't been "stolen," but rather reappropriated by some liberals, who are probably pretty damn tired of seeing it (and words like "marriage") misused.

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