Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fox News talks about evolution

A surprisingly positive video from Fox News about evolution, letting Bill Nye talk quite a bit and explain his position, is here. The best argument the host comes up with is arguing that 46% of Americans believe in young-earth creationism (which Nye points out means we simply aren't teaching science well enough), and the comment, "There's no evidence of that spark that created actual life... why can't that be God?"... an observation which is irrelevant to a discussion about evolution vs. creation. But as far as I can tell (as a nonwatcher of Fox News), John Stossel seems to be a libertarian rather than a religious right-winger, so that probably accounts for it.

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  1. I used to watch Fox News whenever I could get the chance, unfortunately, so I do some of their personalities on there.

    You are right, Stossel is a libertarian, as well as Judge Andrew Napolitano.