Thursday, July 4, 2013

"From Biblical absolutes to humanistic relativism"

Just a little more on that "Constitution" course the School Board in Springboro, Ohio is offering as a summer course. Here's a handy link showing just what the course involves. It purports to help students "(l)earn the role of civil government by considering the U.S. Constitution and its limits on government." To do this, the lecturers "establish the premises for properly understanding the Constitution, by exposing students to the Biblical Worldview of America’s Founders and the writings that influenced them."

Of the twelve lectures, one is devoted to "The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers," and one can safely infer that the rest of the lectures are based heavily around Christianity. In fact, the eleventh lecture deals with "The Crisis of the Constitution: From Biblical Absolutes to Humanistic Relativism," and then the twelfth lecture is entitled "Reclaiming the Constitution: How Do We Approach the Restoration of the American Constitutional Republic?" One guesses the answer has to do with getting rid of that troublesome "humanistic relativism." But one really doesn't have to guess, as the synopsis adds helpfully: "By gaining an understanding of the foundational principles and the worldview of America’s founders, students will see that a worldview revolution has occurred which has caused the Constitution to be widely misinterpreted and misunderstood in today’s world. The course concludes with a roadmap for restoration of our Constitutional Republic."

I'll say it again-- it is outrageous that any public school system would think this was a reasonable use of taxpayer funds, or an appropriate course to teach in public schools. It is pseudohistory shown through a distorted evangelical Christian lens, propaganda rather than history, and it has no business being taught in any public school.

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