Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sex, contraception, and fundamentalists

Libby Anne has a post up about contraception, and how some people feel that contraception "perverts sex" and allows women to be "used by men"-- as if women don't have any actual interest in sex themselves. Fundamentalists have some weird, mixed-up ideas about sex, but one of the weirdest is that men are sexual beings and women aren't. I write erotic romance aimed at women, and I can tell you, a lot of women are strongly interested in sex. Trust me on this.

The weird evangelical attitudes toward sex help explain why they aren't in favor of contraception. I've always wondered, why are the people who are most opposed to abortion not fanatically in favor of contraception? If we could teach kids to always, always use contraception, make it cheap and easy to get, and make Plan B readily and cheaply available, we could significantly cut down on the number of abortions in this country quite quickly. Of course there will still be medical conditions that require abortion, and changes of mind, and I am not advocating the prohibition of abortion here. I'm just saying that if these people could start fighting for contraception instead of against it, we could cut way, way down on the need for abortions.

But they won't, because they still have the naive idea that if we can stop people from using contraception, we can stop them from having sex. They refuse to see that it doesn't work that way, and that people-- women and men both-- like sex. They like to claim that abstinence has the only 100% success rate in preventing pregnancy, but the truth is that abstinence is the birth control method most likely to fail.

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