Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"There is a God, the God of the Bible"

Friendly Atheist has a post about a summer course on the Constitution, from the Institute on the Constitution, which was approved by the Springboro School Board in Ohio. The flyer talks about our "Godly American heritage," which should have been a clue to the school board that this was not appropriate for public schools. But even better is the website for the Institute on the Constitution, which can be found here and which says this in its header: "There is a God, the God of the Bible. Our rights come from Him. The purpose of civil government is to secure these God-given rights."

Under "Who we are," the site adds: "We believe that by understanding the way in which the framers of our Constitutional Republic viewed their relationship to God, to other sovereign states, to their families and to each other, we can gain valuable and practical insight into the foundational principles of America...Let us, first of all, thank God for the freedoms that He has allowed us to retain and let’s begin to recover the lost tools of self-government by learning about our place in His history... participants in the Institute on the Constitution series can begin and continue the challenging but rewarding and Godly task of restoring our lost freedoms and passing on our Constitutional heritage of freedom to future generations of free Americans."

Oh, sure, that's appropriate material for the public schools. Of course it is. Because the Constitution is all about God and the Ten Commandments, and everyone in colonial America was an evangelical Christian. Everyone knows that-- it's just those nasty secular humanists who distort history and pretend Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine didn't believe every bit of the Bible literally. Thank heaven for the Institute on the Constitution, who will help us restore our lost freedoms and make sure everyone knows there's only one god, and that America's all about Christianity! (Anyone who's not Christian should obviously just go somewhere else. Shoo! Shoo!)

*Headdesk* Why on Earth would a school board think this was an appropriate class for public schools? Seriously? Why???

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