Saturday, July 27, 2013

Modern Christianity

Christianity moves along with the times, just like the rest of us. Two articles that show that it's not all about handwritten scrolls any more:

The Bible app, which has logged 60 billion minutes of reading time since its introduction in 2008. Many of us have everything on our smartphones (music, books, internet). So of course having a Bible app only makes sense. There are in fact hundreds of apps of this sort, but this particular one is supposed to be particularly user-friendly. The problem with it, of course, is that people can't tell if you're reading your Bible during Bible study, or surfing the internet.

Kingstone Comics, which aims to "to produce premium quality comics and graphic novels that bring fantastic biblical action and adventure stories to life," in an effort to keep teenaged boys and young men interested in Christianity. The author of the article (who is the CEO of Kingstone Media Group) writes, apparently straight-faced, "It might seem odd at first—Christians and comics—because this publishing niche is often associated with the sexualized gore and graphic violence many religious leaders (and others) warn against." Yes, because there isn't any sexualized gore and graphic violence in the Bible...

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